Sunday, December 18, 2005

Work Where You Love, Love Where You Work

This weekend, I was perusing the Met Opera Database on The database lists all the performers who have logged at least 100 performances with the dates of their first performance and their last. My favorites aren't even close to logging 200 performances at the Met - perhaps because of their age or because they are typically the leads and are sought at other opera houses and in recitals. I was surprised and pleased at the stats of one Anthony Charles. As of June, 2005, he logged in 2896 performances as a tenor. Most people these days aspire to work as little as 20 years and then retire. I can't imagine that Mr. Charles ever let the thought of retirement into his mind. I am thinking of Mr. Charles now because I can't imagine working where I work for fifty years much less another ten. How did he do it? Did he simply love his job? Was it just a habit? Perhaps Mr. Charles will inspire me.,9171,1101040315-598517,00.html?cnn=yes

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