Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dance Fever

Stop Two of Diva Weekend was at Chita Rivera's A Dancer's Life with Noah, Mom and Mandy. Chita is THE prima donna of the Broadway stage. This legendary performer was the original Anita in Westside Story, the original Velma Kelley in Chicago, the original Aurora in Kiss of the Spiderwoman and a two time Tony award winner for The Rink (playing Liza's mother - oh my) and The Kiss of the Spiderwoman. A Dancer's Life is a lovely biography of Chita, narrated via song and dance by Chita herself, assisted by a host of Broadway gypsies, whom Chita handpicked. Most of the original songs employed to tell her story are not memorable. I think that it would have been more interesting to hear her sing more songs from her shows; although, I do find myself humming "Dancing on the Kitchen Table". Chita is captivating and funny; at age 72, her dancing still fascinates and sends chills. Her voice is interesting and there is a hint of her co-star and idol Gwen Verndon's influence there. The stagedoor experience was lively and Chita is charming and accomodating. I asked her about The Visit and she said "thank you for asking!" She said that there is still hope that they will bring it to Broadway and she said, "Keep thinking good thoughts!" Noah has the best idea for this one - Angela should do the matinees and Chita should do the evening performances. Noah, hurry up and become a producer! Overall, The Dancer's Life was delightful and I find myself wanting to take dance lessons.

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