Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Melifluous Voice

Barbara at the Met Anticipating a good concert is definitely a favorite pasttime of mine. Anticipating a historic concert is almost too much. In less than two days, Noah and I will be in the second row of the glorious Metropolitan Opera House basking in the glow of the melifluous voice of Barbara Cook. It is not often that the Metropolitan Opera offers its stage to a non-opera singer. But Barbara Cook is so beloved that they have no choice not to offer. Noah and I have been anticipating this concert since tickets went on sale to Guild members early last fall. I was fortunate to see her perform at "Wall to Wall Sondheim" and "Children in Art" in March 2005 but she only sang "In Buddy's Eyes" (the definitive) at each concert. This is a entire evening. Her soprano is like a lovely clear bell. There are also to be special guests and the audience is sure to be filled with celebrities. Perhaps Mr. Sondheim will accompany on piano for her? Perhaps Audra will join her on stage? Maybe even Renee will be there? It will be an unforgettable evening for sure and the anticipation is enough to get me through the horror of working for a living the next two days.

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