Friday, January 27, 2006

Sit you down, sit!

Wait! What's your rush? What's your hurry? You gave me such a --Fright, I thought you was a ghost! Half a minute, can'tcher sit! Sit you down, sit! All I meant is that I haven't seen a customer for weeks! Did you come here for a pie, sir? Well, true I haven't attended since 1/13/06 and well, I do want to just be in the presence of The Master himself! Mr. Sondheim and the cast of Sweeney Todd will be signing the cast recording cd on Tuesday night. My fellow devotee Kari will be there with me. And of course it wouldn't do to just show up for the signing. Well, after all, I haven't been since January 13th and it wouldn't do to succumb to withdrawal pains. Prediction: I will be speechless in front of the Master. Times is hard.

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