Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why not play along?

My life. My card. Okay, yes, I'm addicted to Amex so I might as well play along.

My name: Sarah
childhood ambition: to be a performer
fondest memory: road trips to Cotulla with Mom and Dad
soundtrack: Renee Fleming's "By Request"
retreat: the theatre
wildest dream: to be on Broadway
proudest moment: the days my nephew Cody and my niece Cara were born
biggest challenge: sleeping
alarm clock: NPR
perfect day: attending a performance with a friend
first job: babysitting
indulgence: flying across the country to see a performance
last purchase on Amex: tickets to see Manoel Felciano at Joe's Pub on May 7th
favorite movie: constantly changing
inspiration: Cody and Cara
My life: is wonderful
My card: Amex

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Anonymous said...

I love it! This made my day.