Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pink in the Park

I support the the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation whole- heartedly. My grandmother Selby Frances Woolls Herring was a victim of breast cancer in 1965 and her sister Sarah Ethel Woolls Stroud fortunately survived breast cancer after a single mastectomy in 1969*. Although I'm not participating by walking in Central Park today, I'm glad survivors and supporters are there, raising money and hopefully awareness. BUT really, must they walk while screaming, clanging their noise makers and honking horns? Don't they know there's a anti-noise ordinance in Manhattan? Alas, enduring group activities like this is one of the consequences of living less than a block from Central Park. Go, get 'em girls. End breast cancer.

*I lost my beloved Aunt Ethel last year. Over the age of eighty, she was always funny, optimistic and genuine. She encouraged me to make sure to go for mammograms and always joked that she didn't need to schedule her mammogram - they would just squeeze her in because her exam only took half the time. Oh Auntie, I miss you.

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