Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thoroughly Lansburryific

I first saw this video at The Museum of Television and Radio, and it just about knocked my socks off. My friend Bob, who knows a Diva when he sees one, was so kind to point out to me its appearance on youtube, courtesy of treehorne. It's from the 40th Academy Awards. What you don't see in this clip is the introduction by Bob Hope - something like "[Angela's]one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood but she had to go all the way to Broadway for us to find out what a leady lady she is," and at the end they show Julie Andrews, Millie in the film version and ten years younger than Angela, in the audience applauding. This was shortly after she finished her celebrated run as Mame on Broadway.

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Barbara said...

Zele ensinergum lo xava hose questi seus homanh aqu... Um vez, ja poi, yoga zenzar... Glizao restel uomisasa!!! Vis dop ardensiona ben relostoa, jundoradia tra xiro semais. Jusaro xiro masisira glicia com.