Friday, February 23, 2007

Tonight: On Broadway

A second helping of Company

It was a strange night at Company. They were twenty minutes late starting. The cast was in mostly weak voice. Leenya Rideout "Jenny" fell off one of the cubes. Overall it was triumphant. How could it not be with an ending like "Being Alive"?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I know why they were late (bigger crowd than expected at the B&N), but the rest of it is baffling. Maybe they should schedule these things for Mondays instead of Fridays before the show!

Xtine said...

Caught my second showing the other night. Raul made a noise like a swahealy click right before "Being Alive" and I started having a laugh attack. I did my best to contain it. It was difficult and a little unsuccessful. lol

I'm thinking of seeing it again on April 1st. You should come. I get student discount. :)