Friday, February 23, 2007

All Not Lost

What does a girl who endlessly pursues entertainment do when she gets needlessly gets stuck at work? She pouts and then finally flees at the first opportunity. I arrived at Renée Fleming's Interview at the Met Opera Guild just in time for her to look at me, ask "Have you been here the whole time?", take pity and give me a hug. So I missed the actual interview, but I got to chat up my friend Michael (again, does he follow me or do I follow him?) and meet "the lady from the dvd"!. Guess what? She has a name and now I know it! Its always good to meet fans who are as dedicated and enthusiastic about entertainment - especially Renée - as I am. The evening of laughter that followed eventually melted my pout when we dined at Penang. Thank goodness.

Bonus sighting and conversation of the day: I chatted with Marcia DeBonis on the downtown subway platform. You probably remember Marcia from playing Jennifer Garner's assistant in 13 Going on 30, but I knew her first from her tiny role in Tadpole, which is one of the dearest little movies about youth, love, literature and New York City ever made. I've watched it at least 25 times. She was actually on her way to meet Gary Winick, the director.

These are things that make me happy.

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