Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tonight: Off-Broadway

Tonight: Captain Janeway is Our Leading Lady

Charles Busch's Our Leading Lady is just right. I can't resist a story that makes me laugh out loud. Literally a behind the scenes look at what else went on the night that Lincoln was assassinated in Ford's Theatre, the play makes fun of actors by highlighting the ridiculousness of their self-centered egos while also endearing them to us. Our Leading Lady is just right and absolutely delightful. Kate Mulgrew, with her patrician voice and spot on comic timing, was perfect as the leading lady. Barbara Bryne (Sunday in the Park with George, Into the Woods)was so funny and Maxwell Caufield is still cute in a much older way. Bonus: Mr. Busch was in the audience.

Extra credit bonus of the evening: We were standing at the bus stop on 8th Avenue waiting for an uptown bus when I spotted that darling Jeff Blumenkrantz through the window of a certain uptown bus. He saw me looking at him so we exchanged excited waves and smiles. You know, I realy do love the bus.

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