Monday, March 19, 2007

Tonight: A Love Boat Opera

Tonight: My first Voigt. Deborah Voigt sings Die Ägyptische Helena along with Diana Damrau, Jill Grove, Michael Hendrick, Garrett Sorenson, and Wolfgang Brendel under the baton of Fabio Luisi.

Love, exciting and new. All we needed was Isaac the bartender to make us drinks. Perhaps if we had been drinking we would have understood the staging a bit better. BUT, the singing. Oh my. The singing. That was OPERA. Diana Damrau is a miracle. Deborah Voigt is perfect. I think the story had something with a boat wreck, a jealous husband who tries to off his cheating wife Helen of Troy, and a bored sorceress who manipulates the couple then saves the day. The colors were vibrant. The costumes strange yet beautiful. The set was weird...until it became a cruise ship. I liked that. But I'm a little jarred.

And this is Diana Damrau Week. Tomorrow night, Sally and I will see her along with Deborah Voigt at their Met Guild Interview then on Wednesday, we'll hook up with Diana again at Weill Recital Hall I wonder what she's doing on Thursday?


Lizzi said...

Oh how fun! Shame on you for not inviting me! ;D

of the kosmos said...

Nice post! I have to wait till closing night to see this one.