Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tonight: Diana Damrau in Recital

Our Diana Damrau Week continued tonight at Weill Recital Hall. Diana is a true songbird. She obviously studies the art of a song and proceeds confidently. She announced that she was not feeling well and that she would have to change her program a bit. Although she did sound a bit husky at times, her voice was pure and sounded like spun honey. She finally "risked" her voice by giving us Amor for an encore. Her high notes are thrilling but are so light! She sent us away from the charming Weil Recital Hall with Brahm's "Lullaby", which was still in my head when I fell asleep last night.

Her Program:
SCHUMANN From Myrthen, Op. 25
·· Widmung
·· Der Nussbaum
·· Jemand
·· Die Lotosblume
·· Lied der Suleika
BARBER Mélodies passagères, Op. 27
·· Puisque tout passe
·· Un Cygne
·· Tombeau dans un parc
·· Le Clocher chante
·· Départ
RACHMANINOFF "Lilacs," Op. 21, No. 5
RACHMANINOFF "How Fair This Spot," Op. 21, No. 7
RACHMANINOFF "Oh, Do Not Sing to Me, Fair Maiden"
RACHMANINOFF "Spring Waters," Op. 14, No. 11
BERG Seven Early Songs
R. STRAUSS "Schlagende Herzen," Op. 29, No. 2
R. STRAUSS "Ständchen," Op. 17, No. 2
R. STRAUSS "Wiegenlied," Op. 41, No. 1
R. STRAUSS "Muttertändelei," Op. 43, No. 2

R. STRAUSS "Zueignung," Op. 10, No. 1
R. STRAUSS "Amor," Op. 68, No. 5
BRAHMS "Wiegenlied," Op. 49, No. 4

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for every single thing you post about Diana Damrau. I'm her biggest fan in Spain and I look forward to seeing her live someday - maybe this April, when she comes to Valladolid along with Gruberova!

Really (really really) grateful,

Lilith ^^