Thursday, April 19, 2007

Overheard in the Theatre

At Deuce today, overheard:
Lady 1: She's moving back to Boston.
Lady 2: Oh dear.
Lady 1: Well, she never met a man.
Lady 2: She never married?
Lady 1: No, there's just nothing for her here now.
Lady 2: Oh dear.
Lady 1: I sent my first text message today.
Lady 2: Oh dear.
Lady 1: Well, it is for the younger generation.
Lady 2: I can't even see the numbers on my phone.
Lady 1: Oh dear.


Chalkenteros said...

That is a fucking pathetic conversation. On so many levels.

"No man? Oh wells, gots to go back to Boston." What kind of vapid person is this?

I'm sorry for my language. Now I have sullied your otherwise lovely blog with my foul tongue.

Thanks also for your comment over at my blog. I really think they should have done both First Emperor AND AmTrag next season.

You don't happen to have a copy of Sue Graham singing "New York Has Changed Me", do you?

Sarah B. Roberts said...

LOL - that's why I couldn't resist posting it. I wanted to turn around and stare at these two old broads. Please.

I have a very poor quality recording of Suzy's aria from the radio broadcast...

Anonymous said...

Several downloads of the whole opera are available at OperaShare.