Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Noms Schnoms

IM during the Tony Noms:

Noah (8:38:54 AM): i'm here
SarahB (8:38:16 AM): Good morning sunshine!
Noah (8:38:00 AM): listening to NY1
SarahB (8:38:23 AM): I have NY1 on. Roma is blabbing.
Noah (8:38:09 AM): yeah shut up
SarahB (8:38:33 AM): They just shot to Sondra.
Noah (8:38:15 AM): i have it on audio stream
Noah (8:38:22 AM): she is talkinhg about actor in a play
SarahB (8:38:42 AM): cool!
Noah (8:38:33 AM): i'm so curious who will get the 5th actress spot
SarahB (8:38:53 AM): yes - Frank L.
SarahB (8:38:57 AM): ME TOO!
SarahB (8:39:04 AM): And 5th musical
Noah (8:38:46 AM): debra monk? lea michele? laura bell? ashley brown? stephanie block?
Noah (8:38:50 AM): only 4 musicals can be nominated
SarahB (8:39:13 AM): oh duh
SarahB (8:39:23 AM): I think it will Debra
Noah (8:39:08 AM): agree
SarahB (8:39:29 AM): at least I hope it wil
SarahB (8:39:32 AM): will
SarahB (8:39:37 AM): shut up Roma!
Noah (8:39:23 AM): curtains sucks. their box office is mean
SarahB (8:39:46 AM): I agree
SarahB (8:40:04 AM): I guess it's their producers actually.
Noah (8:40:07 AM): the lady was mean about it
Noah (8:40:17 AM): um no. we need to be um sold out? yeah. okay bye.
SarahB (8:40:46 AM): There was no reason for it. Deuce should be doing student tix too - they are deeply discounted and aren't selling out.
Noah (8:40:43 AM): why they wouldn't want to fill as many seats as possible makes no sense
SarahB (8:41:17 AM): Grey Gardens and Spring Awakening "likely to be nominated"? Roma. Come on.
Noah (8:41:16 AM): they are the 2 top contenders for best musical
Noah (8:41:19 AM): and score
SarahB (8:41:54 AM): We went to the Mets game last night - Leslie Kritzer and two other girls from Blonde sang the National Anthem.
SarahB (8:42:12 AM): Leslie didn't sing like Patti though.
SarahB (8:43:21 AM): Why Taye Diggs?
SarahB (8:43:43 AM): Here we go!
Noah (8:43:33 AM): shh
Noah (8:43:57 AM): yay!!!
Noah (8:43:59 AM): angela!!
Noah (8:44:02 AM): no marian?
SarahB (8:44:25 AM): Yay! No Marian?
SarahB (8:44:30 AM): Come on!
SarahB (8:44:39 AM): Hmmm...
SarahB (8:44:48 AM): OMG
Noah (8:44:32 AM): LAURA?
SarahB (8:44:52 AM): Laura Bell bundy!
Noah (8:44:41 AM): No kristin!
SarahB (8:45:01 AM): wow
Noah (8:45:03 AM): wow
SarahB (8:45:27 AM): not lovemusik
SarahB (8:46:01 AM): best book: grey gardens!
Noah (8:45:42 AM): if bruce gets a nom i'm supposed to call him
Noah (8:45:44 AM): hes not watching
Noah (8:45:47 AM): LB for book?
Noah (8:45:54 AM): score -
SarahB (8:46:18 AM): fingers crossed for Bruce!
Noah (8:46:04 AM): yay GG!
Noah (8:46:09 AM): LB for score wow
Noah (8:46:37 AM): YES!!!
SarahB (8:46:57 AM): BRUCE!!!!!
SarahB (8:46:58 AM): YES!
SarahB (8:48:05 AM): YAY!
SarahB (8:48:13 AM): CHISOLM!
SarahB (8:48:25 AM): For Radio Golf!
SarahB (8:48:15 AM): Here we go:
SarahB (8:48:21 AM): Mary Louise!
Noah (8:48:16 AM): Rebecca!
SarahB (8:49:05 AM): Susan Hilferty!
Noah (8:48:47 AM): LB is getting everything
SarahB (8:49:11 AM): Why?
Noah (8:49:07 AM): because I told you its a good show!
Noah (8:49:11 AM): but i'm just suprised
SarahB (8:49:38 AM): I thought Poppins would get more though
SarahB (8:50:04 AM): SA - best lighting!
SarahB (8:50:06 AM): ha
Noah (8:49:54 AM): its going to win lighting
SarahB (8:50:31 AM): look at our brilliant colored light bulbs
Noah (8:50:17 AM): you missed the point
SarahB (8:50:41 AM): :)
Noah (8:50:23 AM): :)
Noah (8:50:27 AM): there is so much more
SarahB (8:51:08 AM): that's what you keep telling me
Noah (8:50:50 AM): well LBB is the suprise
Noah (8:50:58 AM): over Monk
SarahB (8:51:28 AM): Monk got a nom
Noah (8:51:13 AM): for supporting?
SarahB (8:51:37 AM): for lead
Noah (8:51:20 AM): Oh right
Noah (8:51:25 AM): kristin didn't
SarahB (8:51:45 AM): karen ziemba got for supporting
SarahB (8:51:47 AM): right
Noah (8:52:13 AM): have to finish packing!!!
Noah (8:52:14 AM): ttyl
Noah signed off at 8:52:37 AM.
Noah signed on at 9:10:54 AM.
Noah (9:10:47 AM): WAIT
Noah (9:10:51 AM): BARBARA WALSH??????
SarahB (9:11:16 AM): Huh?
Noah (9:11:00 AM): Where is she??
Noah (9:11:02 AM): she wasn't nominated
Noah (9:11:13 AM): I thought she was a sure bet
SarahB(9:11:41 AM): I didn't even notice! Damn!
Noah (9:11:49 AM): I think shes wonderful - just enough homage to Stritch and just enough originality
Noah (9:11:54 AM): and what a performance of the big song
Noah (9:11:55 AM): shame
SarahB(9:12:25 AM): I thought she would get a nom
Noah (9:12:16 AM): I thought she was better than Charlotte
SarahB(9:12:42 AM): And Swoosie over Marian
SarahB(9:12:53 AM): Charlotte - not that great
Noah (9:12:48 AM): weird!
Noah (9:12:50 AM): !
Noah (9:12:56 AM): shes a wonderful dancer - but i can't stand her voice
SarahB(9:13:19 AM): But our friend Rebecca!
Noah (9:13:03 AM): yes!!!!
SarahB(9:13:38 AM): I have to root for Mary Louise though
Noah (9:14:01 AM): Omg of course
Noah (9:14:04 AM): I never wanted Walsh to win
Noah (9:14:10 AM): but she so so deserved a nom
Noah (9:14:22 AM): Mary Louise is in my top 10 performances of all time
SarahB(9:14:46 AM): AGREED!
Noah (9:17:48 AM): look at myspace
Noah (9:17:49 AM): at my picture
Noah (9:17:58 AM): gotta go -= mom is yelling at me to pack
Noah went away at 9:18:44 AM.

So, the nominees are here.There are a few surprises and few of courses. Now, only 26 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes left until we find out who the winners are.


Anonymous said...

I'm so speechless right now. 10 nominations for Grey Gardens, its freaken' unreal!!! Can't wait to see them sweep the show on June 10th!

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Love the IM rundown - brilliant!

As much as I liked Spring Awakening -- and I think it will likely win Best Musical, I loved Grey Gardens and certainly would be voting for it if I were a Tony voter.

I just can't get the image of Christine Ebersole or Mary Louise Wilson singing their gorgeous, haunting score out of my mind - they really had captivating performances in a superb show.

I believe that if Tony voters only voted their hearts, it would win.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Gotta agree Renee and Steve.