Saturday, June 09, 2007

Hard to Top

What a way to spend a Friday night! We had dinner at Angus McIndoe's where we enjoyed our favorite meals and had a free round of drinks on our favorite waitress Matria, saw the first act of Bill W. and Bob (thank goodness it was a comp) and left at intermission because it was so bad, caught the second act of Grey Gardens, saw friends from home in the audience, saw Tony nominee Julie White at the stage door, saw Margaret Colin knock over a row of silver champagne ice buckets, went to The After Party where Michael John LaChiusa played "See What I Want to See" while Kate Shindle, completely impromtu, knocked his swinging lyrics out of the park, then Michael John played and sang a new song from his upcoming musical about Marlena Deitrich. And I'm wondering how anything that happens today will possibly top last night. Sigh. Of course, I do have to rest up for The Tonys Extravaganza. We'll be at the dress rehearsal so stay tuned for a full pre-broadcast report.

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