Friday, November 30, 2007

Return of Broadway; Return to August: Osage County

What a thrill it was to be at a Broadway show tonight! It was an even bigger thrill to be at this perfect play with this perfect cast! The thing about August: Osage County is not just that it's compelling, but it's as funny as any play I've seen. It's also real and heartfelt and completely enthralling. The ensemble cast lead by Deanna Dunagan (Hello, she's from Monahans! That's 26 miles from my hometown!)works in stunning concert, with perfect comedic and dramatic timing. It's a family drama. Some will same that it's a shocking story about a dysfunctional family. I don't consider my family especially dysfunctional (well, okay maybe I am, but they aren't), but I still feel like I'm attending a reunion with my Dad's relatives. This story is so real and special, even knowing what was coming this second time to see it, that still I laughed, I still gasped, and I still cried. I couldn't look away for a second - even with Raul Esparza sitting just one seat away from me. My friend took me backstage after where I was thrilled to meet this brilliant cast, who were so happy and excited to be back where they belong. Once again, I left this play feeling nothing but exhilerated.

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