Saturday, November 10, 2007

Stagehands on Strike: Broadway is Mostly Dark and How it affects me.

The Stagehands Union went on strike at 11:00 a.m. today. I do have a ticket to see a Broadway show this week. It's Cymbeline at Lincoln Center Theatre (LCT). LCT is non-profit and is not affected by the strike. The non-profits, LCT, Roundabout and Manhattan Theatre Club, as well as the Disney houses, the Hilton where Young Frankenstein is playing, as well as the Helen Hayes where Xanadu is on, are also not affected. So my theatre going experience is safe this week. So I'm not immediately affected. But if the strike drags on, no doubt I will be affected because there will be no opporunity for spontaneous ticket buying. It will also affect my friends who work in the business. I sincerely hope for all involved and concerned that the parties on both sides of the line will resolve their issues quickly. Hopefully, Mayor Bloomberg will make this a priority. We know it's not just entertainment, it is a business, but it's a big business and brings endless joy to 1000s of New Yorkers and tourists each month.

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Bob said...

Xanadu 4ever!