Friday, February 01, 2008


Okay, so it's not proof that I PLAY the French horn, but at least it's proof that I OWN a French horn. Doesn't it look pretty on the new sofa?

Dexter looks pretty on the new sofa too.


Bill said...

Shmooley plays the french horn. Maybe he could bring it to Studio 54 and play it from the mezz.

Then again, maybe not.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Maybe we should all gather together in front of Studio 54 with our French horns as a not so subtle hint.

Esther said...

Nice couch! And the horn is proof enough for me.

BTW, until I saw "110 in the Shade" at Studio 54 in July, I'd never seen an orchestra situated above the audience, on the sides of the stage. The harpist apparently didn't have a lot to do, because I noticed that she spent a lot of the evening reading a thick book. Maybe the last Harry Potter. It had just come out.

Bob said...

Ooh! I love it!

Mine (A Holton Fakas with removable bell) is sitting in my closet sadly in need of a tune up. The strings are way beyond repair.

A horn choir is in our near future, I suspect!

LOVE the couch.

Anonymous said...

Hope Dexter is keeping his claws out of that lovely new sofa.