Friday, June 06, 2008

A brief encounter with Rondi Reed

Yesterday as I was walking home after work, I saw Rondi Reed about to cross the street. I waited for her and when she approached, I called out to her. I did nothing more than wish her good luck and told her that I was pulling for her at the Tonys. She was, of course, gracious and thanked me. I really mean it. Hers is the performance that should win for Best Supporting Actress in a Play. Her portrayal of "Auntie Mattie Faye" in August: Osage County is the most visceral and heartbreaking of the women, and that's no easy task. To me her character is the most real as well. Perhaps it's because I'm an aunt that I identify with her, or maybe it's just because she reminds me of several of my Texas aunts, or maybe it's just because it's just a damn brilliant performance of a brilliantly written character in a brilliant play.

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