Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It was good to work in the building where I work yesterday

The parade didn't pass me by yesterday! I thought we would have to watch from our 40th floor window, but it turned out that we got to hang out in the bleachers in front of our building to watch the All Star Parade yesterday. We were treated like the VIPs we saw on the red carpet. Click here to see the rest of my All Star Parade Pictures.

Yogi Berra!

Reggie Jackson!

Derek Jeter!

Kosuke Fukudome and Ernie Banks!

Geovany Soto!

Mark Grace!


Bob said...

Who ARE these people? I don't see Bernadette or Lansbury ANYWHERE. :)

Kitten said...

Hey Bob, give the girl credit for knowing her baseball! :)
You got an awesome view of the parade, that's for sure! It was much better than what I saw on Fox.

Anonymous said...

Hey, where the heck's Bob Gibson? Greatest pitcher of all time!