Sunday, August 17, 2008

Met Ticket Scramble Day

After weeks of pouring over the season schedules of the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, the New York Philharmonic, various Broadway events, operas and concerts at the Kennedy Center and other plans for entertainment opportunities, we are ready to buy Met opera tickets for the season. We decided to try to get single seats for the Met Opera this year instead of dealing with the subscription process. With the help of charts, graphs, spreadsheets and several margaritas, we have carefully prepared a season schedule to die for that works for all of us. Now, I'm afraid we may live to regret it. Lincoln Center is torn up and under construction. The box office has been moved and it will be like going through a corn field maze in order to try to get in line in time to get what we want. Beside the need to wear a hard hat, I fear the chaos that is sure to repeat itself. Last Monday was the first day for subscribers to exchange tickets and for Guild members at the high-falootin level to buy single tickets. A report of the hellish day for opera fanatics made the pages of the Grey Lady. General Manager Peter Gelb told the Times, “We hope that ultimately opera lovers will understand that what we are doing in the long term is to their advantage.” Well, we LOVE the HD Broadcasts, the Open House Rehearsals, and the new productions, so I'll admit so far, so good. But if we don't get the tickets we want, Petey, it will be all your fault. Hopefully, just after noon, we'll be celebrating at the old stand-by with a fist full of tickets, bloody mary's and turkey burgers!

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Buona fortuna, mia cara.