Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Divas Ruled the World Last Night

WOW! Susan Graham hosted and interviewed at the Met, out front and backstage - among them Diana Damrau, and of course, La Diva Renée and the Opera Hunks. Mary Jo Heath interviewed in the costume department and around the house. Deborah Voigt was the Times Square correspondent and interviewed Paulo Szott and some patrons downtown. La Diva Renée looked incredible and sounded even more incredible, swathed in the most gorgeous clothes and unbelievable real bling worth million$. Martha Stewart was even on standby to make a delicious-looking cocktail with grand marnier and La Grand Dame champagne while Rufus Wainwright looked on over Susan's shoulder. My darling Sieglinde was there at the Met and snapped photos of the stars as they arrived - wow, what a line up! Wow, what a night!

The premier of "Blindness" was also going on at the Chelsea Clearview and Noah and I saw Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. Noah also saw Michael Cerveris buying popcorn in the lobby. What a starry night!


of the kosmos said...

You had an obstructed view of the screen? That would annoy me to no end.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

My view of the subtitles were partially obstructed. The way I held the camera down for these pics made it look worse than it was.