Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is anybody else thirsty?

During the second intermission of the Met's Opening Night Gala Broadcast, Martha Stewart made a yummy cocktail with Susan Graham. Thank the Cocktail Gods, the Met website has put the recipe up as they must have realized the importance of these things.

The Grande Dame
Pour one teaspoon of Mandarine Napoleon Orange Liqueur into a Champagne coupe or flute. Fill the glass with chilled Veuve Cliquot Grande Dame Champagne. Add a long, thin twist of orange peel from the brightest orange you can find, and serve.

Click here to watch.


tasb89 said...

I must say I like Susie better as a brunette. When she had the redish highlights she looked gorgeous.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Supposedly blondes have more fun...but I'm not convinced of that. Tasb89, What do you think?

tasb89 said...


Hula Hank said...

When Martha get into the cocktail recipe industry?