Friday, October 17, 2008

Quote of the Day

Ticket Taker: Tickets, please. Oh, I'm sorry sir, these tickets aren't for this performance.
Frasier:What? But they say for the 16th. That's the 16th right there. That's today.
Ticket Taker: Yes sir, they were for the matinee.
Niles: Oh no, no, there has to be some mistake. Oh, dear God.
Frasier: I'm so sorry, Niles.
Niles: Well, surely, you must hold some tickets aside for emergencies. We'll take anything. Anything at all.
Frasier: Even mezzanine.

Frasier: Hot Tickets, October 16, 1998, Season 6, Episode 4


Bob said...

I remember this episode. Love this show so much. I always watch the reruns.

Whitney Taryn said...

love when frasier fumbles to describe his favorite moment to Sir. Trevor! "It was a kind of... (tentatively trys to make a general gesture with hands)" And Niles, "Is that the time?! The children must be worried sick!" haha -- best show of all time. No one from my generation (teens) can appreciate it - all they watch are the crude humors of southpark and family guy...