Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kelly Ripa to audition for Thriller!

Regis: Hey, did you see that? They're going to bring back Thriller? Do you remember Thriller?
Kelly: What?! Thriller was my middle name!
Regis: That was 30 years ago so you were just a kid then.
Kelly: I was a kid, yes.
Regis: Thriller was an enormous hit.
Kelly: The Thriller album came out after my birthday. But my sister's birthday, she received 5 Thriller albums. I remember it well. [chatter] Because it was such a hot thing. We would watch that video and the making of the video and we would do the dance, the big dance at the end.
Regis: Why we're telling you about it is because it looks like it could become a Broadway show which I think is a great idea!
Kelly: Oh my gosh, I am auditioning!
Regis: Yeah, you could play this guy.
Kelly: I am not auditioning for the role of Michael Jackson. I will audition for a zombie dancer. Yes I will.

Live with Regis & Kelly, 1/27/09

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Margo said...

I can't imagine her having enough time in her schedule for something else! But I'm all for her!