Sunday, March 15, 2009

A new place to be wary of concoctions

We've discovered a new place to have marathon opera, etc. talks. It starts at the lobby bar of the Empire Hotel and continues at their roof top bar. But go early before the young and oh so trendy get in a very long line for the techno trash. I've smartly switched my beverage choice from concoctions to very dirty Belvedere martinis. Sally still likes the classic way, dry with a twist. There are lessons applied here from Auntie Mame to Madame Arcati. Auntie Mame says that olives take up too much room in the glass and you should always stir, as shaking bruises the gin. And Madame Arcati says, "If it's dry Martini, yes - if it's a concoction, no. Experience has taught me to be very wary of concoctions."

And whoops, this picture was taken post-martini.

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karigee said...

It's so pretty! Who would know that from the ground floor? Sorry I couldn't be two places at once...