Monday, June 08, 2009

Tony Party Recap

My Annual Tony Party has become my grown-up prom - I am the Prom Queen and I have the best dates imaginable, kings and queens all! We grew to ten this year - returning were Kari, Kevin, Roxie, Jimmy, Russell, Christine, Sally, and newcomers were Byrne and Esther.

I moved our party to a fabulous suite at the Regency Hotel on Park Avenue this year and a brilliant idea it was - it was wonderful to take advantage of a big screen tv, plenty of seating, etc. The hit of the buffet were cucumber sandwiches in honor of Madame Arcati and rice crispy treats in honor of [title of show].

I threw in a drinking game - we randomly drew for name tags of Broadway personalities who might make an appearance. I was Liza - kismet because we were incidentally dressed alike - oh, we are so smart with the sparkles! I think Esther - who drew the tag "Hello, my name is Angie" - won this bubbly game. I even hooked us up with swag, or what passes for it with show magnets (no I didn't pinch them!) Thankfully Kari snapped a few pictures, but note to the 2010 Tony Party Planning Committee: hire tee-totaling photographer to capture every fabulous moment.

The highlight of the broadcast for me was seeing my beloved Angela Lansbury win her 5th Tony for Best Supporting Actress in a Play! The adorable Neil Patrick Harris was a fabulous host, although he wasn't actually on the show enough. He killed with Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman's 11 o'clock number. I loved seeing the glorious Karen Olivo win Best Supporting Actress in a Musical, Gregory Jbarra win the Best Supporting Actor in a Musical as well as The Norman Chronicles winning Best Rivival of a Play. OH, and I was thrilled Liza May.

I love the Tony Awards (despite CBS' and the Theatre Wing's attempt to make it a ratings and marketing event) and I would watch anyway...but being in a room full of fellow Broadwayites (thank you, Angie for naming us in your accepantance speech!) - and via twitter with my darlings Steve on Broadway and Robertianish - just put a crown on the night!


Lizzie said...

Your Tony parties sound FABULOUS!!!!

Shira said...

I love Neil Patrick Harris. Oh, that closing number was great.

Byrne Harrison said...

It was a terrific party. Well done!

Esther said...

Love partying with you! Thanks for the swag and for teaching me a Tony drinking game!

Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Thanks to Twitter, I felt like I was there. I could practically taste those Rice Krispie treats via tweets.