Thursday, August 13, 2009


The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) begins tomorrow, August 14th and runs through August 30th.

The First Annual New York International Fringe Festival took place in 1996. Thirteen years later, it's larger than ever with approximately 1500 volunteers, 4,500 artists, and an audience of 75,000. Touted as "New York's Best Staycation", there are 201 shows showing at 18 different venues over these 16 days. At only $15.00 a show, that's quite an inexpensive vacation.

Because these 201 shows are sharing these 18 venues, each show has a limited time to get in, set up, put on their show, and get out - at least five times each over the two weeks!

I have six shows already lined up: And Sophie Comes Too, Union Squared, The Antartic Chronicles, The Crow Mill, Look After You and For the Love of Christ.

That leaves me 195 more shows to choose from! Leave a comment or email me if there's a show you'd like to recommend or make sure that I see.


jan@broadwayandme said...

Hey Sarah, there is so much Fringe to see that I'm frankly overwhelmed. So I'm hoping you'll share your strategy on how you're deciding which ones to try.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Oh my goodness - there are so many choices! This year, I was lucky to get about 8 press invitations - I went through those and chose the most interesting to me. I looked at the shows' websites and looked for buzz on talkinbroadway, etc. As far as choosing For the Love of Christ, I have friends involved with that production so I'm interested to see what they've come up with. Yesterday I also added I'd also White Horses. I'd also like to add Vote and How Now Dow Jones to my roster.