Sunday, August 16, 2009

Today: Mary Stuart closes on Broadway

In the second act of Peter Oswald's version of Friedrich Schiller’s Mary Stuart, Harriet Walter's Queen Elizabeth proclaims to Janet McTeer's Queen Mary,
"All your plots wrecked, no alleyway assassins, no desperate adventurers determined to be your errant knights. Yes Lady Mary, it is all over! No more fools will stumble into your clutches. Now the world’s eyes are elsewhere!"

Indeed. But I wish it weren't so. Farewell to this beautiful, consuming play. Farewell Harriet Walter. Farewell Janet McTeer. May we meet again soon, whether on Broadway or in your England.

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Roxie said...

I'm sad already. But mostly very, very excited!!!!

Shari said...

Visited NYC three times this summer to see the show--wish I were there today. Very sad to see it close. If you are going one more time, please post a full report!

suttonhoo said...

how could you let this happen?!?!?

(I'm kidding of course. & mourn with you.)