Sunday, May 30, 2010

Field Report: Our Town at the Zach

The wonderful Zach Theatre in Austin, Texas just finished an interesting run of Our Town.  My friend Beth and her husband took their tween age son Ben to see it.   She reports:

We saw Our Town the other day.  Did I tell you about it?  A woman was TEXTING.  Jaston Williams (of Greater Tuna fame) was the narrator.  He stopped and said, “One thing we don’t have in Our Town is cell phones.  Yes, the lady in black on the third row.  It has an off button.  Just turn it off.”  She finally turned it off and handed it to another woman (her mom?).  Jeff, Ben and I all looked at each other and said we were glad that our phone hadn’t rung.  Then in the second act for the wedding scene, they had us move to another stage where it was set up for a wedding.  They had a woman singing, champagne for purchase, dancing where they invited the audience to participate, and then passed out wedding cake to everyone in the audience.  It was a good one for Ben to go to.

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