Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Future Tony Award Winners

The Tony Awards is having a contest for "Flat Tony" on its facebook page.  Every Friday until the Tonys, you can print your own Flat Tony, take a picture with it and upload to their fan page.   If you get enough friends to like your photo, you'll win!   To vote for my Little Loves, go to their picture at the Tony Awards fan page and choose the "like" button.  Who knows, one or even all three may be a real live Tony winner one of these days!


jiva said...

I keep trying to vote for their pictures on Facebook, but there is no "Like" button beneath the pictures that I get. Do I have to be on your Facebook in order to vote?
I've tried it twelve different ways and get no "Like" button to click on.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Thanks - and yes, you need to be a facebook member to be able to vote.

jiva said...

OK, I got it. Problem was I needed to "Like" The Tony Awards Facebook page. Then the "Like" buttons appeared. I clicked for both photos. Hope they win!