Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quote of the Day: Tossing Betty Buckley's Name Around

Lenny:  7H? Would that be across the airshaft from Louis Dutton in 7B?
Doorman: Yeah
Ray:  Who's in there now?
Doorman:  19 year old girl from from Toad Suck, Arkansas.  We think she's gonna be the new Betty Buckley...

Later, back at the precinct...

Anita:  Who's the girl?
Lenny:   The new Betty Buckley.  That's the  apartment Andrea Blake lived in when the emails started....
Anita:  Mmmm, get a search warrant and tell the new Betty Buckley to close her blinds.

From Law & Order, Season 8, Episode 18: Stalker

Could there ever be a "new" Betty Buckley?  NEVER! 
In less than a week, we'll finally be seeing Betty at Town Hall!  I intend to bring cash with me so I can purchase her latest album Bootleg: Boardmixes from the Road.  I'm particularly excited to get this album because it includes "On the 4th of July" which I've been wanting to hear again ever since Kari and I saw her twice at The Blue Note in 2007!


karigee said...

That #4 there is my dream come true.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

I know! I keep thinking about how we used to go to Feinstein's after that night at the Blue Note and hope that she'd sing it for us...our dreams were crushed...but now, hooray, our dream has come true and even better because we can listen over and over and over!