Thursday, October 14, 2010

What do you watch on PBS?

I absolutely couldn't live without PBS.  Even in the years when I didn't have Cable TV, there was PBS.  It was my link to the arts when I had no other link.   When I was a teenager, our local PBS station introduced me to the past and the future - I couldn't get enough of The Ann Sothern Show, Love That Bob, My Little MargieMake Room for Daddy, and shows more current like Desmond's etc.    My current favorite PBS shows are Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece Theatre, Great Performances, Live from the Metropolitan Opera, Live from Lincoln Center, The "Britcoms" - Keeping Up Appearances, As Time Goes ByThe Vicar of Dibley, The Morman Tabernacle Christmas Concerts, Charlie Rose, Jacques & Julia and Sesame Street (yes, still).   Shows coming up that I simply can't miss are: Sondheim's 80th Birthday Concert and more Live from Lincoln Center.  PBS used to show the Tony Awards - wouldn't it be something if they took those back?  PBS asked various Broadway performers what they watch:

And since Nathan Lane brought it up, here is his Sesame Street appearance:


Esther said...

When I was in high school I loved Upstairs Downstairs on Masterpiece Theater and the Dorothy Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.

My concern about the Tony Awards ever moving to PBS is that some stations might not carry them or they'd air them at 3 a.m. (Fine if you have a dvr but what if you don't?)

I think having them on CBS makes them accessible nationwide.

Tyler Barton said...


I agree with you insofar as I do not think that I could live without PBS and its arts programming. I view the network's local channels to see Masterpiece Mystery, Masterpiece Classic, Great Performances, Great Performances @ the Met, Live from Lincoln Center, any Broadway performances or special performances by Broadway stars, and I very much enjoy an occasional Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.