Friday, June 10, 2011

Annoyance of the Week

All week long I've been extremely annoyed by the headlines like "Angela Lansbury Says Lady Gaga Perfect for MAME on Broadway."   This particular headline comes from Broadwayworld, whom I find completely irresponsible in its reporting.   The original "news" came from The Showbiz Tonight website, The Showbiz Tonight webiste, which is apparently part of Headline News/CNN.   The entire interview doesn't appear to be available, only the part they thought was "newsworthy" and it's sandwiched in with Kim Kardashian and Jersey Shore news, so that should give you the context of what kind of "news" this is (read: trash).

Here is the transcript:
Showbiz Breaks News: Is Gaga going Broadway? Lady Gaga has just had a major shoutout from an acting legend. 85 year old Angela Lansbury has just revealed to Showbiz Tonight she wants Gaga to bring it to Broadway and play MAME, one of the stage’s most over the top eccentrics. Lansbury, who won a Tony for originating the role in 1966, tells us Gaga could pull it off, more or less. [cut to Angela mid sentence]

“…she could sure wear the clothes, that’s for sure. It would be another generational type MAME. I can’t imagine that, her singing ‘If He Walked Into My Life,’ but you know, anything’s possible.”
Does this sound like an endoresment to you?   It sure doesn't to me.   That being said, if Lady Gaga, whose work many of friends admire, really wants to come to Broadway then good for her and I wish her luck.   It's an established fact that I'd give anything to see a revival of MAME and perhaps its possible that it will need extraordinary star quality to make it happen, but dear producers, please sensible about this. I believe your extraordinary star is already right beneath your noses: Donna Murphy.

This clip of "If He Walked Into My Life" is from the 1983 revival of MAME, which Angela Lansbury starred in once again.

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