Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hugh Jackman: The Greatest Entertainer in the World!

Last month, I went to the first preview of Hugh Jackman's one man show "Back on Broadway."  Last night, I had the opportunity to go again with my college roommate Robin and my friend Karigee.  I'm thoroughly convinced that Hugh Jackman is the Greatest Entertainer in the World!  

The show was just as good, maybe better, than it was that first night.   The only difference last night was that his wife wasn't there and he didn't sing "The Way You Look Tonight," which he did that night.       When Hugh strolled on stage, singing "Oh What a Beautiful Morning," Kari leaned over and whispered, "I have goosebumps!"   I have them now just thinking about the whole show. 

The audience was raucous and there were celebrities in attendance:   Sherri Shepherd, Phyllis Newman, Lauren Bacall and Kirk Douglas!   Hugh gushed over Lauren and Kirk being there.    I have to admit that I've seen the others in the theatre pretty often, but seeing Kirk was ultra cool (Spartacus!).

It's the season on Broadway when all of the shows raise money for Broadway Cares/BCEFA.  After the show, Hugh auctioned off his undershirrts from the first act and second act (he said, "I changed at the 'interval'").   Sherri Shepherd jumped right up and shouted out the first bid:  $1,000.00!    The winning bidders paid $3,500.00 each for the shirts.   Additionally, he sold backstage visits for $1,500.00 each - Sherri stood up and asked if it included a kiss (I don't think Hugh realized who she was at the time and sort of played off her sassiness.)   There were at least 10 or more people who went back for that.   Finally, signed window cards were sold for $200.00 a pop.    Note:  there were no regular window cards or even magnets available as the vendor said they were sold out.     You gotta love that Hugh is raising this money for Broadway Cares. 

Hugh's show is running through January 1st and I hope I find the chance to see it at least one more time.   I also hope that either HBO, Showtime or especially PBS take the opportunity to film and broadcast the show - they will miss out on a good thing if they don't.   Also, I would just about kill for a "cast album" and/or a dvd of this show.


Mandy said...

Geez $200. Not sure I can handle that :(

Hula Hank said...

I had the opportunity to see Hugh Jackman in The Boy from Oz "stadium tour" around Australia.

He was great then. He got out in the audience and did a lot of interaction with people, and one just could not take their eyes off of him. That is how charismatic he was!!

Jealous of you!!!!

Mandy said...

LOVED the show....and even caved for signed poster. Couldn't afford the $8,500 for the undershirt - but meeting him at the stage door was priceless!!!