Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where are my earplugs aka Tonight: Foo Fighters at MSG

My college roommate is visiting from Texas.  Almost 10 years ago, we visited NYC for the first time during Thanksgiving week.   By the end of that week, I decided to move to here.

Yesterday, we walked to the boat basin on the Hudson River and then to Lincoln Center and then the length of the High Line.  Today, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and around the Central Park Reservoir.

Tonight, we're celebrating the anniversary by seeing her favorite band The Foo Fighters at Madison Square Garden tonight (reciprocation since I made her to with me to see Bernadette Peters in Austin back in March); on Tuesday, we're seeing Hugh Jackman on Broadway.


Mandy Zeller said...

Hey can you shoot me an email after you see Hugh on Tuesday and let me know what BCEFA merchandise is for sale - and for how much? I need to be prepared when I got up!


Ash said...