Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Mikado at Carnegie Hall

Photo Credit: Jennifer Broski
Last week, I attended the Collegiate Chorale's concert of The Mikado with Theatre Aficionado Kevin Daly.    We had a most marvelous time.   Actually, I was quite surprised that I had such a good time.  

It's true that the Collegiate Chorale regularly presents a lovely evening, but I wasn't expecting much from the silliness of Gilbert & Sullivan, although I had actually never seen The Mikado, much less one of their shows live.  I'm definitely glad this is one that I didn't miss. 

The cast included Chuck Cooper as The Mikado, Jason Danieley as Nanki-Poo, Jonathan Freeman as Pooh-Bah, Amy Justman as Peep-Bo, Kelli O'Hara as Yum-Yum, Steve Rosen as Pish-Tush, Lauren Worsham as Pitti-Sing, Victoria Clark as Katisha and Christopher Fitzgerald as Ko-Ko. 

As a matter of fact, I think it would have been just a standard, well-sung presentation (especially thanks to Jason Danieley and Kelli O'Hara) but Victoria Clark and Christopher Fitzgerald had us rolling in the aisles.   I expect funny when it comes to Christopher Fitzgerald, but I had no idea that Vicki Clark could bring the funny.   I'm still dying just thinking of it.  Brava and thanks for the laughs!  In this instance, silly was not only good, but it ended up being a very welcome respite.

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