Saturday, June 30, 2012

Broadway Divas v. Opera Divas: Throw down for supper

Here are two delicious trios of divas: Mary Testa, Audra McDonald and Rebecca Luker for Broadway
vs. Renée Fleming, Frederica von Stade, Marilyn Horne for opera, performing "Sing for Your Supper."  

The song is from the 1938 Rodgers and Hart musical The Boys from Syracuse, which ran on Broadway at the Alvin Theatre (now known as the Neil Simon) on west 52nd Street for 235 performances.   The ladies originally performing this number were Muriel Angelus, Marcy Wescott and Wynn Murray. 

The opera divas were part of "A Celebration of the American Musical" at Avery Fisher Hall in 1997.   The Broadway divas were part of the Boston Pops' Richard Rodgers Tribute in 2002.  

It would almost be a tie, but the Broadway divas have a slight edge over the opera divas on fashion, despite La Horne's sequins.  They had 5 years on their side when it came to their gowns.   Plus the Broadway divas throw in some sassy choreography.  

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Bill T said...

Love the post! For me, the Bway divas win it hands down, not because of their dresses but because they've got the style, swing and sass. Regardless, great to see and hear both groups.
A request: Years (and years!) ago, Carol Burnett had Horne and (I think) Eileen Farrell on her show and they sang "Big Spender." Have looked for it off and on but never found it. But with your unmatched resources, I wonder if you can. If so, many thanks!