Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Story: Jets and Sharks Then and Now

I wasn't planning on attending the annual Broadway Flea Market thrown for Broadway Care/Equity Fights Aids. I'm in fact very glad that I made a quick run through with Noah Himmelstein before we took in a show.  After all, I couldn't miss seeing my favorite flea market participants at the Dancers Over 40 table. 

This year was a special treat as they are celebrating the publication of "Our Story: Jets and Sharks Then and Now" by some of the original stage and movie cast members of West Side Story.  I scored an autographed copy from three Jets - Bert Michaels ("Snowboy"), Harvey Evans ("Mouthpiece"), David Bean ("Tiger") and one Shark - Eddie Verso ("Juano").    The book is a memoir of the actor dancers who played the gang members in the movie of West Story (and some of whom played them in the Broadway cast as well). 

I was just talking to my sister about making sure that my nephew Cody sees West Side Story.  His high school band, in which he plays trumpet, is playing a West Side Story suite for their marching competition.   I'm so excited for him to learn about this magical movie and score.


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