Saturday, December 17, 2005

Another Tragic Evening

I returned for another dose of the Tragedy on Monday, December 5th. I had a date to the Knicks game but my friend had to work late and instead of searching for somebody to go with me, I gave him back the tickets and trekked to the Met. This time I joined the stage door line so I could get autographs, in particular to get Susan to sign a copy of her CD for my boss' holiday present (he who enjoys torturing me about his fabulous high society life tales of cocktails with the La Divas Fleming, Graham, & Voigt in Tanglewood). The scene was frantic. I stood next to an Aussie named Gaston who told me that he had traveled to the US for all of Susan's premiers. That's dedicated indeed. We were treated to impromptu entertainment by Lois and her team of frenzy of autograph fanatics. Sieglinde was there too to document the action. Sieglinde even captured my backside in the shot. Too bad she didn't see the look on my face!

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