Sunday, January 07, 2007

WTF...and The Ticket Panic Begins

In the whiniest voice I can summon, "But I only bought the subscription just so I would have dibs on a ticket to Deuce! WTF?!"


tasb89 said...

Dear Messieurs Childs, Leynse, and Fox:

I have something that I need to tell you also.

It is this kind of sleazy bait and swithc tactics that makes people NOT want to subscribe to a series.

While I am certain that the "one time Olivier of South Africa" will put forward a marvelous performance, he ain't a Terrance McNAlly production.

You should most certainly NOT be confident that this production will fully meet MY expectations of stellar theater. Rather if you had any concept of what my expectations were you would never pull this deception in the first place.

The fact that you could not reach an acceptable agreement AFTER you had advertised the production AND collected money from subscribers shows why you will always be a third rate theate company. When you promise first rate productions perhaps you should have agreements in place BEFORE selling subscriptions.

Do not thank me for understanding because I do not and you can forget any idea of future support.

Bob said...

I would be HOT. Tasb89 - well done.