Saturday, July 14, 2007

Prettybelle: A Conversation

SarahB: Do you have the score for Prettybelle?
AngelaL: No, no, I don't. It's interesting, isn't it?
SarahB: Oh yes, it's my favorite.
AngelaL: It's on CD.
SarahB: Oh I know. I love it.
AngelaL: You've told me so. Oh well, some of those songs are very, very good. Some are very, very bad.


Anonymous said...

That's funny. I think some of them are great and none of them are less than decent. Id have to go back and listen, but I don't remember any that struck me as terrible.

matt said...

i love prettybelle. i think it is definitely one of the best scores of the 1970's, i think it is one of the best jule styne scores, and i think it is one of angela lansbury's best AUDIO performances... she breaks my heart every time i hear "when i'm drunk i'm beautiful".