Friday, November 02, 2007

Angie: A Prediction about the New Film Lovett

Tom O'Neil interviewed interviewed Angela Lansbury about Sweeney Todd, among other things, for his LATimes Gold Derby column last June.

TO: I can't imagine Helena Bonham Carter doing Mrs. Lovett the way you defined her. She's not that...

AL: You, you wait and see. I, I think this young woman is very, very capable of doing something very interesting. Yeah, because she's English, you know. She comes from that genre of, she knows London, she knows the East End, she knows that whole kind of thing. I think you'll be surprised. I hope to be able to say that it's going to be good. It won't be our version, but it will be hers, you know.


Anonymous said...

Angela Lansbury is right: Helena Bonham Carter will leave her own imprint on her character in the movie version.
Tim Burton's dark effect will also bring some of the macabre to full force as well.


Bill said...

Interestingly, none of the early reviews seem to mention HBC much, if at all. Hmmm.

HughE Dillon said...