Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Quote Challenge

I don't know if Bob is challenging me or not, but I'm answering the Quote Challenge anyway. Here are ten that come to mind on a regular basis:

1. Darling, I too must see plays over and over. Marian Seldes to me, May 15, 2007

2. Ooauh! Something Jamie R. and I have said repeatedly to each other since 1982

3. You're Sarah's friend! Renee Fleming to Noah, after La Traviata at the Met, November, 2007

4. Booger Thumb Sucker. Mike Newell about a certain attorney, and it's true.

5. You got to have the nog. Uncle Robert. From the moment the egg nog is out in the grocery stores, my sister and I start quoting this to each other.

6. It is quite something, isn't it? Angela Lansbury to me, more than once about Prettybelle.

7. You’re an opera fan? Patti LuPone to me, December, 2005.

8. Oh, that Patti has a big mouth. Maestro James Conlin to me about Patti's leaking the news about Mahagonny, December, 2005.

9. I just live around the corner. It’s really convenient. Pick-up line that 3 random old guys tried to use on me at O'Neal's.

10. Tell me about Noah. Bernadette to Sarah, May 1, 2006

1 comment:

Bob said...

I LOVE that you have so many grand dames of the stage as your quotes. And I'm always challenging you. Always.