Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Tunes from Jeremy Schonfeld

A while ago, a friend hooked me up with a bootleg of Shoshana Bean letting it all go on "House of Love." She was her typical self with the off the charts melisma, giving Aretha Franklin a run for her money, but I really liked the song. It was so soulful and I just loved the lyrics. As it turns out, the composer of that practically gospel tune was Jeremy Schonfeld. Jeremy writes the music and the lyrics of songs that are of such a wide genre, it's hard to pinpoint his exact style. It's pop but not, because the lyrics feel more like a story. He's that good that he captures the feeling of the lyrics with the music, whether it has a rock, gospel or even country feel. Among other things, he is also a theatre composer/lyricist, having debuted the musical Drift (with collaborator Craig Pospisil) at the 2005 New York Musical Theater Festival. Always busy, Jeremy has a new album about to be released on May 6th called The 37 Notebooks. As a lover of musical theatre voices, I simply cannot resist this album.

(1) "Storyteller" - Jeremy Schonfeld
(2) "Try" - Jarrod Emick
(3) "Greta" - Amy Spanger
(4) "Never the Bride" - Julie Danao-Salkin
(5) "My My" - Donnie Kehr
(6) "Falling Apart" - Tracie Thoms
(7) "Rock and Roll Fag" - Luther Creek
(8) "Sarah-Jane" - Jeremy Schonfeld
(9) "Do You Want My Life?" - Julie Murney
(10) "I Was Meant for You" - Lauren Kennedy & Jeremy Schonfeld
(11) "A Simple Plan" - Kate Shindle
(12) "Song for New Orleans" - Adam Pascal
(13) "House of Love" - Shoshana Bean with with the Broadway Dreams Gospel Choir
(14) "37 Notebooks" - Jeremy Schonfeld

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jiva said...

Sarah, I love your blogs, your comments, your magical way of describing everything. It always makes me feel I'm right there with you, experiencing everything you experience. Thanks a bunch!