Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight: Candide at the NYC Opera

Candide at NYC Opera.
Candide: Daniel Reichard
Cunegonde: Lauren Worsham
Paquette: Jessica Wright
The Old Lady: Judith Blazer
Maximillian: Kyle Pfortmiller
Dr. Pangloss: Richard Kind

It wasn't the best of all possible productions in this best of all possible worlds - the New York State Theatre is a cavern for this sort of show which make the accoustics pretty bad and those ushers are a little nazi-ish to say the least - but it wasn't that bad either, especially considering it was a comp. Frankly, the cast wasn't that great - although I loved Judith Blazer and I really liked Kyle Pfortmiller's wonderful full baritone. But, oh it was Bernstein. And it was my first time seeing a full production of Candide. Actually, it was my first time seeing any Bernstein live. And, oh Voltaire. I did love the book and I did love the songs. It really is funny and wonderfully farcical, but most of all the music is just glorious.

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tasb89 said...

With a Cunegonde named Worsham the GLitter and Be gay should be out of this world!