Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bernadette Peters' Broadway Barks

This morning Bernadette read Broadway Barks to a packed room at the Lincoln Triangle Barnes & Noble. She delighted the kids and kids-at-heart with a fun reading and a performance of Kramer's Song, which she wrote herself. Kramer was there as well and let himself be known, after all, he is also quite famous now. After her performance, she took time to sign books for many happy customers. It's always great to see her and she always knows how to make my day. Her publicist asked me if I had to return to work after to which I grumbled an affirmative and the talk led to my career as a paralegal. Bernadette said, "Oh no, she's in show business because I see Sarah everywhere!" It's true, I do get around.

Broadway Barks, an annual event, founded by Bernadette and Mary Tyler Moore, thrown by the Broadway community to promote pet adoption in Shubert Alley. The book is about the journey of a dog found in Central Park who finds his way to Shubert Alley to become part of the annual event. Included is an exclusive CD which features Bernadette reading the story and singing an original song for which she composed the music and lyrics. Bernadette's royalties from the sale of the book will go to the charitable organization, Broadway Barks. This year Broadway Barks celebrates its 10th Anniversary and will be held in Shubert Alley on July 12th.
For more information about BROADWAY BARKS 10, call (212) 840-0770, extension 477, or visit


Joseph Gomez said...

I can't wait to live in NYC so I can attend events like this.

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Get here as quick as you can, Joseph! I'm very lucky to have a job where my boss is understanding enough to let me have some flexible time to feed my soul.

Bob said...

Did she write "To Cara?" Is that a niece of yours? Her handwriting is so perfect – just like her. So awesome that she said that to you!!

Sarah B. Roberts said...

Good eye, RivB! It is for my niece Cara. There's one for my niece Camilla too. Have to start them early.

(Cara's already a big fan of Bernadette's "Take a Little One Step" that she did on the Muppet Show)

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Sarah. lol Everyone already thinks you're in show biz. Why not just make a career change. ;)

I'm so glad you guys were there. It makes events like this even more fun.

"Let's have a Bernadette marathon!" LMAO
That girl scare me a little.
Though she should have one. Then she can rent movies that Bernadette is not even in. Because, ya know, she and SJP look SO much alike.

jiva said...

Bernadette said, "Oh no, she's in show business because I see Sarah everywhere!"

There you go... Almost Famous.

Kitten said...

I am so jealous that you have met Bernadette Peters! You are a very lucky woman indeed!

My friends and I used to go to Broadway on Broadway ever year, and one year we saw Bernadette sing "Give Our Regards to Broadway" at the very end. That is something I'll always remember, and a tradition that MUST be revived!

Kitten said...

By the way, isn't it amazing that Bernadette Peters just doesn't seem to age? :)

jiva said...

Bernadette Peters born February 28 - 1948. I had no idea! My god she's 60 years old! She was born Bernadette Lazzara to an Italian-American family in Queens, the youngest of three children. She was in Most Happy Fella when she was 10, and was the understudy to Dainty June in Gypsy when she was 13! I had to look all that up. I am amazed. She looks so young!