Monday, October 13, 2008

What's all the cheering on the Upper West Side about?!?!

IT'S TRUE! Angela Lansbury is Madame Arcati in the upcoming Blithe Spirit revival so say Playbill and Variety. Who hopes that she'll play Madame Arcati as a combo of Salome Otterbourne and Countess Aurelia? No doubt she'll throw in a little Jessica Fletcher if she does ride a bicycle on stage as in the script.

My mother said, "Did you buy your ticket? Ha. I guess they are not on sale yet. Do you want that for Christmas?" Uh...YES!


karigee said...

Yay! Can't wait to see this one.

Kevin Daly said...

And to think of our conversation only the night before!

Oh this is going to be better than anything we even dreamed!

Hula Hank said...


Oh yeah, I so love Jessica Fletcher riding her bike in Murder, She Wrote!!!


JohnnyFox said...

saw it in preview on Sunday .... what to say? Rupert Everett is perfect, and Christine Ebersole makes a good fist of Elvira.

Angela Lansbury is delightful to see, and at 84 is sprightly enough to hop about the stage to the delight of her (mostly) Murder-She-Wrote-watching audience (it was a matinee). Will probably be better when she's finished learning the lines ...