Wednesday, May 05, 2010

[title of show] at The Signature Theatre, Arlington

[title of show], the darling little musical that worked its way from the New York Musical Theatre Festival to Broadway and into the hearts of musical theatre lovers, is now playing at the pretigious Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA.    I saw this show many times off and on Broadway and it's a favorite cast recording on my iPod.  

I was curious about how the very personal and very "insider joke"  little show would translate for two of Signature's most staunch subscribers - they've been attending productions since the company began playing in a high school auditorium.   They are a couple of the coolest ladies around, but nevertheless retired and of the senior set.   

Here's Cordellia's response to my inquiry:  "I absolutely loved it. The cast was wonderful and on the small stage, it really came thru. I would like to see it again and maybe I will."

Wanda said, "It was a great show, Ms. Sarah, and we all enjoyed it.  Our tickets are on "discussion Tuesday," and I have gone to the discussions after plays several times alone - but Helen, Mary, Helen's neighbor and Cordellia and I stayed for the discussion with the actors.  I would say that at least half of the audience or very near it stayed also.  The audience was great.  I do not know whether the actors had some friends there or not, but they were a wonderful rowdy bunch that really added to the show.  There were those in the audience who had seen the original play and then on Broadway - and other places, which really added to the discussion and my understanding of it also."

That, my friends, is endorsement.   And I am thrilled that this show is finding an audience beyond New York City and especially beyond the young, musical theatre obsessed crowd.

Signature Theatre's [title of show] is directed by Matthew Gardiner and features Erin Driscoll, James Gardiner, Sam Ludwig and Jenna Sokolowski.  Music Direction is by Gabriel Mangiante.  The production runs through June 27th - tickets are available by calling the box office at 703-820-9771.

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