Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quote of the Day

"My God, I've got to go to bed."

Angela Meade about getting through Bellini's Norma, from Angela Meade's guide to 'Norma', in Capital New York by Zachary Wolfe, July 7, 2010

Sally and I are taking the "caravan" to see Angela in Norma at   Caramoor  this evening.  I saw Norma at the Met once, but it wasn't the blow out I was expecting.   Supposedly, Norma is the opera most fans drool over and the role is the stuff that makes legends.  Sally says that if anybody is going to make me love Norma, it will be Angela Meade.  If you saw The Audition, then you know we are at least in for a treat just to get to hear Angela sing live.

Photo by Dario Acosta.


karigee said...

Have fun ladies! Don't talk to strangers.

Anonymous said...

Amazing performance last night by Angela Meade! The full-throated fury was thrilling, but I was most moved and excited by the high, soft, melodic, natural fioratura. Brava, Angela!